Monday, May 28, 2012

A very diverse day...

Today is one of those days that I ended up doing a wide range of work. Unfortunately no clinical work but that will come.

I spent the day working with one of the research assistants uploading interviews from our health-seeking behavior research for translation, finishing off paperwork for an audit, discussing generator issues, organizing finances, sorting out training items (like resuscitation dolls, ambubags etc), ordering a cooking gas bottle for the flat, finalizing a computer course for medical records staff, printing off various templates so that staff can submit ideas that need to be funded, working on the radiology proposal, arranging a variety of meetings and answering emails. Lots to do. I think the fact that one of my colleagues is on holiday has added to my workload a little (which is why I am involved with finances and maintenance issues again – albeit temporarily thankfully!).

This week is a busy week full of meetings:
• Meeting with one of the only radiologists in country to discuss x-ray equipment
• Meeting with deputy chief medical officer in the Ministry to discuss x-ray room staff
• Meeting with head of hospital and senior laboratory technician
• Clinical meeting with all doctors
• Meeting a lab technician from the USA who may insight into ways to improve our lab
• Meeting with the physiotherapist re: his presentation on his work here
• Meeting with the auditors to discuss yet another audit
• Possibly the start of continuing professional development meetings
• A hospital management meeting

As you can see, there is a lot going on here. And if all of those meetings actually take place, it will be amazing. Although it sometimes seems like nothing happens, there is progress. Small small. And I decided today that small progress is better than no progress at all. There’s a lot to do, and it will take a long time. That’s why we’re in this for the long run!

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