Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Small victories...

I was reminded today that it’s the small things in life that count.

Some of us ladies are listening to Beth Moore’s studies and in one of the videos she talks about a child who said: “I win” after everything he did. That’s how I felt today. At various times I felt like I was on the winning side. I felt like raising my hand and saying “I win”.

It’s nice to feel that way when for weeks it seemed like there was no progress and I was constantly questioning our presence in the hospital. I was wondering if anything we did or said was making a difference. Are we actually achieving anything or just wasting our time?

On a day like today I am convinced that all of the little things we achieve day in and day out do amount to something. All of those little things add up to something bigger, something more significant and, in the end, we win. We’re not there yet. There’s still a lot to do. But it’s encouraging to see little glimpses of hope along the way.

So, what made me feel like a winner today? Really, it was just a lot of little things that when they happened made me feel like I am here for a reason. They made me feel like what we do in the hospital does matter. Honestly, it was many little events that happened throughout the day reminding me that this is an amazing place and I do want to be a part of what is going on here.

So, today’s ‘little things’ are:
- A few hours alone in the office, finishing up some documents
- Sorting through ETAT equipment and office supplies
- Discussing practical, realistic ways to improve the lab with the head of lab
- Laminating standard operating procedures for the lab (instant feeling of productivity!)
- Arranging to sit in with a medical officer in outpatients next week
- An excellent meeting with a radiologist in town
- The ‘go ahead’ from all sides to proceed with a digital x-ray system
- A run on Lumley beach from Atlantic to Family Kingdom
- ‘Running into’ two friends along the way and chatting briefly
- Being given a packet of water for free from the man selling near Family Kingdom
- The rainbow I spotted in the sky and the bright blue sky before sunset
- Sitting on the beach with a friend chatting about life
- Fun conversations on the drive home
- Laughing with a friend

When I look at that list I think, “they really are small things” but as little as they are, they make me smile. These little things make me feel satisfied at the end of the day. They remind me to stop worrying about the big tasks ahead and focus on the day-to-day. I need to focus ore on the little things in life, the little things that when added up enable us to reach our goal.

Today, “I win”.

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