Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting for surgery on the Africa Mercy...

Ibrahim, myself and Junior on the deck, the evening before surgery
Today is a big day for little Junior, his dad, Ibrahim, and myself. Since the day I met Junior, on his birthday on the 26th of November 2012, I have been looking forward to the day he could have surgery. Today is that day.

The past 5 1/2 months have not been easy for Junior and his dad. They have both been through a lot and it's been amazing to see how God has kept Junior safe and surrounded him with people who care. I am privileged to be a part of that.

On Sunday morning Osman and I picked Junior up from the orphanage at 6:45 am. We then drove to the East side of town to pick up his father, Ibrahim, who really wanted to be the one to make this journey with his son and take care of him. So, the four of us made the 7 hour journey from Freetown to Conakry. Thanks to Osman's good driving skills and ability to negotiate with the officers at the numerous checkpoints, we made it to the Africa Mercy in the afternoon. Junior was soon settled on C ward, ready for his admission the next day. 

Today, he is on D ward, waiting for surgery. He should be going to the operating room in a few hours time and I'll be there to observe his surgery. I am excited for this life-changing opportunity for Junior and thankful for Dr. Gary (my hero and role model!) and the OR staff that will be helping him through this surgery. More news soon.

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