Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dutch vacation almost over...

My time in Holland is almost coming to an end. I had a good three weeks here even though it took about a week to get used to life here; the cold(er) weather, the materialism, freedom, not working etc. I felt a little useless in the beginning (especially when thinking about patients waiting outside the clinic in Freetown) but quickly realized it is really nice to have some time for myself and not to have to do anything. I realized how tired I was (am) and that I really did need a break.

Coming here in the holiday season amplifies culture shock. People are frantically buying gifts: MP3 players, cd's, dvd players, perfume, cameras, designer clothes, books, etc. I’m not saying it’s wrong; I just find it hard at times to justify spending a lot of money when I know there are mom’s that come to the clinic that can’t even afford food for their children. I guess the inequality in the world just becomes a reality. I think what concerns me most is that there are people here who do not realize the great need and suffering in places like Sierra Leone.

On a more positive note- the freedom I have felt here has been wonderful; going places on my own, not being surrounded by a huge wall with razor wire, no guards around, etc. I’ve really enjoyed walking and biking to town on my own. Of course I've enjoyed seeing family and friends too.

Anyway, I fly to the USA on Monday for 2 weeks. Then I'll be in NL for 5 days before flying to SL.

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Carmen said...

I just looked at your flicker website...very nice pics!
btw, could u email me your 'holland'-address??? (the place you are staying right now)

have a great christmas in the USA

Anonymous said...

I miss you Sanna! I wish I could see you while you are in the US. Maybe next time. I'm mailing you a card that should arrive in Freetown not long after you arrive. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you and catching up at Gatwick next sunday. I hope you had a lovely christmas. Bring on the sun. Harry xxx

Anonymous said...

Geniet van je laatste dagen, kom uitgerust thuis. Hier in SL hebben Annekoos en ik het goed gehad bij je ouders met oud en nieuw. Hoop je nog even te zien voor ons vertrek de 12e. Bastiaan

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~