Friday, December 15, 2006


When I arrived at the post office yesterday to mail some packages I was confronted with a long line of people…waiting. I took a number from the little number machine: 534. Seeing as it was number 521’s turn I figured I’d wait. I found a bench and there I sat waiting.

While sitting there my mind wandered and travelled back to Freetown; to the mothers waiting all day at the clinic for their children to be seen by me. I realized again how fortunate we are in the West with our excellent access to healthcare (yet still we complain!). And also realized how fast-paced our culture is. We almost find it strange/frustrating to have to wait somewhere for more than 10 minutes. The reminder of moms waiting at the clinic in Freetown from as early as 5am until the clinic opens at 830am (and even then having to wait for hours to be seen by the doctor or wait for lab results) was enough to keep me from becoming irritated. So there I sat waiting…reflecting…until number 534 was called.


Anonymous said...

Hey San
Thanks for helping to bring perspective into things. Yes waiting... if it is not to be seen by the doctor it might be waiting for the washer and dryer to finally get to work :) eventhough the washer arrived 2 1/2 months ago ... never a dull moment and yet oeverall so worth it. We are waiting your return !
Marianne (alias mama)

missy said...

Hmm, here in Holland we really forget / do not realise how good we have it here!

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~