Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My first Christmas gift...

While sitting in the train on my way back from Arnhem yesterday my phone rang. This in itself is not very unusual. However, since about 5 people have my new number I was caught by surprise. And it showed up as an 'unknown number'. It was my mom, calling from Freetown with Skype. I got a little worried for a second but seeing as she sounded excited rather than distressed I figured nothing was wrong.

She called to tell me that the mom of a 1 ½ year old patient of mine arrived at the gate with Christmas presents for me and was wondering what she should do with them. Well, I figured she could just put the presents in my room and I’d see them when I get back.

I was wrong. These were not ordinary presents.

I have never received such unique gifts. I received a live chicken! And also a bag of produce- oranges, grapefruits, plantains & cassava root. I can only imagine how much of a sacrifice this gift was for my patient’s family. I am very thankful! Arrangements were quickly made to find a new home for Mr. Chicken and the bag of goodies were divided among the outpatient clinic staff.

Besides enjoying the fact that I was given a chicken, I love knowing that I am building relationships through my work in the outpatient clinic. I hope that what I do goes beyond physical healing and that I have a genuine effect on the lives of the families I meet.


mirjam said...

Een kip!!! wat ontzettend leuk, voortaan dus lekker verse eieren? of toch een verlate kerst maaltijd hahaha. Ontzettend leuk om je gezien te hebben,

liefs mirjam

Amy Mathews said...

That's a sweet story, Sandra! It's so nice to be reminded how giving people, who have so little, can be and how we, who have so much, should be!


~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~