Friday, January 19, 2007


This picture was taken from my bedroom window last night. Isn’t it amazing? I was excited about the beauty of this world and that God made it for us. However, as I stood there I started wondering where God is in the midst of everything here in Freetown; the poverty, disease, death, filth, hunger, suffering, abuse. Where is the beauty in all of that? In the past three weeks I have seen 4 children in the clinic that can’t be treated in Sierra Leone, at least not the way they would be helped in Europe or the USA. That just breaks me up.

A 10 year old with Burkitts Lymphoma.
A 6 month old with hydrocephalus.
A 2 week old with a cleft lip & palate (I can send this child to the ship).
A 1 day old with an imperforate anus (no anus=life threatening).

Each one of these cases has been difficult; some more than others and I guess that through it all I just need to remember that each of these children are a gift from God. And He has a perfect plan. It’s just hard for me to imagine anything good coming out of this right now.

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