Sunday, January 14, 2007

Road trip...

3357 miles = 5402 km later...

Besides 6 different flights during my vacation, I also went on a road trip with Stefan, Genae & Eric. I arrived at JFK airport on December 18th at about 2pm. Stefan & Eric picked me up and we drove on to DC to meet up with Genae. We stayed at her place and even managed to see the monuments around midnight. The next day we were off again: Van, Texas…here we come!

We left DC and drove for about 10 hours until we reached Kentucky, where we stayed overnight with some of Steef’s friends. Early the next morning we made the 14 hour drive to TX. It was a long but good trip. Some way to get over jetlag!!!

On our 7th day in TX we started making our way up north again; final destination = New Haven, CT. This time we decided to drive non-stop (with bathroom, food and coffee breaks of course)!

In the end we drove 3357 miles, had a lot of fun, drove through 15 states, saw snow in Virginia, ate many Little Debbie cakes, tried out different coffees with varying tastes, listened to a lot of Death Cab for Cutie and The Decemberists and ate at a few to many fast food places. The best thing was that we had lots of time together!

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missy said...

dude! that must have been one crazy trip!

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