Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Unfortunately goodbye’s are all too common when it comes to long term missions work. I’ve seen quite a few people come & go over the past 2 ½ years and goodbye’s are definitely not a highlight. I tell myself that it’s something you get used to; but it isn’t really.

However, as one of the guys pointed out- it also means saying a lot of hello’s. I guess sometimes it’s just a matter of deciding how ‘attached’ you want to become. Anyway, to look at the bright side- I am thankful that I can meet so many great people out here and make new friends. And spending time with friends definitely is a highlight.

So even though it wasn’t fun having to say goodbye, I was happy to be able to spend one last evening with ‘the guys’ last week Wednesday, before they headed back home (after 10 months here). Talking, laughing, chilling at Bunkers on the beach & watching a Christmas movie- which did get us into the Christmas spirit… Good times. Good memories. And hey, at least there's email...

I guess all this to say- be thankful for your friends. Enjoy the moments you have together. And I’ll say this to you as much as to myself- don’t hold back from investing in friendships just because you know you’ll have to say goodbye in the near future. Better a goodbye to a good friend, than no close friend at all.

(me & "the guys" at their farewell concert at church)

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