Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two nights at the heliport...

Okay, so I didn’t literally spend two nights at the heliport.
But I did spend a portion of two consecutive evenings there.
Why does one go to the heliport, you might ask?
And why two nights in a row?
Well, to see off one’s friends.
Stefani left on Friday & Morgen on Saturday.

FYI: To get from Freetown to Lungi airport you need to cross the river.
There are 4 options:
Road...this would take hours on bad bumpy roads, poor choice.
Ferry…cheapest option but takes awhile and not nice at night when all alone
Hovercraft…my favorite option but it’s still not in operation since it’s near-sinking experience.

(see "Sinking Hovercraft" post by clicking here)
Helicopter…the fastest but most expensive option at $70 (for a 7 min ride!)

So, my friends chose the helicopter.
And we decided to see them off.
Of course there’s some waiting involved,
Since both my friends had seats on the 2nd helicopter shuttle.
This meant waiting awhile before the first shuttle left,
And then waiting for its return from Lungi for the second shuttle to go.

Actually the waiting was fine – it gave us time for one last chat.
And to my surprise- there’s GRASS at the heliport.
There isn’t much grass in Freetown, so it was quite a treat.
So, there I lay, sprawled out on the grass, gazing up at the stars.
Not worried at all about what those around me thought.
I was enjoying the moment…until it was time to say goodbye of course.

Morgen & me at River no 2 one last time yesterday... I'll miss you friend!


Morgen E. said...

Yes, we do have matching bathing suits, just different colors.

I miss you too friend. Thanks for seeing me off at the heliport--it was so wonderful to see you all waving as the copter took off.

it's 10:20am in Freetown, you are busy with clinic right now. I am wide awake, but it's only 5am here...

KreativeMix said...

cute pictures

Sa Lone Pikin

Carmen said...

your hair is getting long!

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~