Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday night Christmas lights...

So, to be honest, I was pretty happy on Thursday when the last patient walked out the door. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but it really felt like it was time for a break. So it was quite a nice feeling when the last patient left the clinic. I did schedule a follow-up patient for the following morning, but nevertheless it felt like the beginning of a holiday, with only one work day to go. [actually it felt more like the beginning of the break then, than it did on Friday- probably cause I was so tired on Friday to even enjoy the fact that it was the last day of work in 2007]

Thursday evening I went to a place called Bunkers with two celebrate a bit...and to enjoy the Christmas lights. Bunkers is a 2-story restaurant/bar on the beach and probably the best decorated place in town. We had passed it a couple times at night last week (when taking friends to the heliport) and thought it looked like a fun place to hang out. We couldn't pass up going there once during the holiday season. So 3 of us sat there and enjoyed the colored lights strung along the ceiling, the lit up reindeer, the green-light christmas tree (of which half the lights weren't working), while listening to the ocean and enjoying each others company. Honestly though, we were all pretty tired, but we still had an enjoyable evening.

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