Monday, August 11, 2008

Abu restores power with kitchen knife...

When I got home at 7pm this evening I came home to a dark compound.
Luckily for me this is not usually the case.
Everyday at 630pm the guard switches on our generator and we have electricity until 730am.
Well tonight, apparently, the generators were acting up.
What to do?
Call Abu, our mechanic who had gone home for the day in the hope that he would come back.
Actually he had gone to pick up his brother who was discharged from a hospital.
Which made it even worse to call him back in.
But being the great guy that he is, he came back.
And within minutes he had diagnosed the problem.
I was very impressed, because I was clueless (as was the rest of the team).
I had thought of checking the fuel level - and 95 gallons seemed like plenty!
For the rest I didn't know what else I could check.
Well, I guess Abu is kind of like a 'generator doctor'.
If there's a problem he knows how to diagnose it.
What would we do without him?
So apparently the genertor would start, but we wouldn't actually have any lights, etc.
There was a problem in the panel- something with the lever to switch between generators.
Before I knew it I was running around to find a torch (flashlight).
And then I was asked for a kitchen knife.
Yes, a kitchen knife.
And within seconds the 'Generator Doctor' was doing surgery on the switch panel.
A loose screw was the cause of the trouble.
And tightening it with the knife was apparently the solution.
How easy can it get?
Anyway, it was Abu, in the generator room, with the kitchen knife that saved the day!

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