Sunday, August 03, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

So, if running the clinic, running the lab & seeing patients isn’t enough, why not add House Management, Security, and Water to the list. Who needs sleep anyway? Okay, so I am being a little sarcastic here. But as you can imagine, life is busy right now. A few of our long term staff are on holiday and lucky me has been asked or assumed to take on some of their responsibilities. Ugh. Most of the time I don’t mind, but sometimes the questions about milk, bread, jam, peanut butter or potatoes can get to me. As can the security issues at night and the overflowing water tank. Actually the tank seems to be behaving a bit better, I think it’s been three nights without a waterfall…

So, basically my extra responsibilities are as follows:
+ prepare guest rooms (I must remember we have people coming in on Tuesday
+ make sure rooms are cleaned after guests leave (fortunately I don’t have to do the cleaning)
+ get the house laundry done (bring laundry to center and it gets done there)
+ put the ingredients needed for dinner out on the counter so that our cook is set for the day
+ pick up food from the center’s kitchen before going home after work to feed our house guards
+ chat with the cook when I get home about next day's menu and what odds and ends she may need
+ give shopping list to the cook at the center who does all of our fresh produce shopping
+ make sure we have 2 night guards on duty and if not call the security company
+ check that the cats have food
+ deal with the water tank when it overflows (fortunately I get the guards to climb up there now)
+ get stuff out of storage when we run out of things like jam, powdered milk, etc.

I think these responsibilities will last for another week. Then we have one of our expats coming back who will take over for me. I guess it does make me more appreciative of what others do. But on time of a ‘more than full time’ job already, I can say I will be happy to handover again

Oh yes, and on top of these things, with so many expats gone on holiday I have kind of taken it upon myself to organize our Bible Study nights (delegating responsibilities!) and arranged this months International Church Service.

Oh, and then there is Sunday School in the church I go to in Regent Village. I teach the 3-6 year olds...I think 4 Sundays in a row. Love it, but it also takes some prep time.

No wonder I'm so tired...

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