Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random Freetown news...

While driving in a vehicle through heavy downtown traffic you can learn a lot from your local colleagues. Here are some random, probably not-too-interesting bits of information...

- apparently the President has moved from his residence in Goderich to the Presidential Lodge in Hill Station. The plan was to move after road works in Goderich were done but I think some of the outcomes of the recent council elections sped up his move. This could be rumor
- the popular cellphone company Celtel has apparently been taken over by a company called Zain, unfortunately I have still not received my monthly phone credit from them.
- supposedly a famous Nigerian popstar is performing in the stadium tonight. Part of the reason traffic was blocked around the Congo Cross area was because of the 'parade'. We could have taken a detour but our driver wanted to see what was going on. So we ended up driving right by many young Sierra Leonean guys, dancing to the beat of loud music, all following a car with Alhaji himself sitting on the car, with more guys running around in front of the car handing out freebies. Our driver was happy to receive a cap.
- it's easier for a local to sneak a child into the government adult hospital. Joshua's granny is sick. When we went to visit last week they wouldn't let me take him in. "No children allowed". Today the locals walked right in with him. Mind you- there seemed to be no guard at the gate, so maybe that's the explanation.


Gabriela García Calderón said...

Some weeks later, have you received your monthly phone credit from your cellphone company?
¡Saludos desde el Peru!

Sandra's Latest... said...

thanks for your comments.
your blog is all in spanish i see!
i did get the phone credit, I had forgotten about that!
all the best.

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