Monday, September 15, 2008

Survived Monday, again...

Yay, it's Monday evening.
Another "crazy Monday" come and gone.
Seeing as it's already late (after a 12 hour clinic day) I'll be brief.
We met 90 children at the gate this morning.
But only let in 60.
That meant sending 30 children off to who knows where.
Some of them will likely show up tomorrow morning in the line.
Of the 60 we saw, many ended up waiting inside for hours.
Some weren't seen till 6pm.
That's a 12 hour wait for some of them.
It's a crazy world here.

Throughout the day a couple more kids showed up.
Ones we had sent for x-rays the previous week or for admission.
So we ended up seeing 67.
And guess who came back??
Hawa; the little girl I wrote about in my previous post.
She came to say 'thank you' and let me know she had been discharged.
She looked much better.
And her hemoglobin went from 3.9 to 8.4!
That's why we're doing what we're doing.
And that's why I don't mind the long days all too much.
It's all for the kids!

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