Sunday, September 21, 2008

Torrential rain...

Rain rain rain. Actually up until recently rainy season hasn’t been bad but in the past two weeks we have experienced torrential rains! This past Friday was particularly spectacular. It started raining at about 7:20 am just as I was heading out from the main house to my bedroom. Soon after that, at 7:30 am, with umbrella in hand, I made my way from my room to the car. It was all of a 20 foot walk or so and believe me, I was soaked from my feet to up to my knees! As we started the drive up our steep road we had to decide to turn left towards Lumley, knowing it was likely flooded and traffic jammed, or turn right to Congo Cross with less chance of a flood and of course, less adventure. I let the driver decide (so I wouldn’t get blamed) and fortunately he turned left! Lumley it is.

Just after we hit the roundabout we were stuck in traffic. The two lane road had become a very crowded one lane road- as one side was totally flooded with knee high water! Two poda poda’s (minivans used for public transport) were stranded – stalled I suppose – which was quite a sight. Even more so when 4 or 5 guys tried to push the poda poda (with 15-20 people still inside) to try to get it moving again. We waited as traffic inched along; the 4x4 vehicles braving the flooded lane, but most cars remaining on our side. For awhile we were stuck at an intersection, which was seriously more like a river crossing, since oncoming cars were not leaving enough room on the side for us to pass. It was wait or end up off of the ditch in a gushing river! Wait we did.

In the meantime we watched as people – men, woman with baskets on their heads on their way to collect fish and children – tried to walk across the road- practically having to cross a river. Now and then someone would fall but fortunately someone would help them up. The water was flowing quickly and any child that fell over that edge or likely even the adults (as most can’t swim) would have been in trouble; carried away by the current. Fortunately all that was lost was a couple of pairs of flip flops.

Anyway, it took us an extra 40 minutes to get to work. And although It was an adventure, and entertaining, thank God nothing went terribly wrong! I was again reminded of how blessed we are to live in a great house, with a roof over our heads, with vehicles to take us to and from work, dry clothes to put on, etc. And I am reminded to pray for those around me who are less fortunate.

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