Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jay One bread...

Most people will look at this picture and think:" "Hmm. Bread."
But, when I see this loaf of bread, I think: "YUM. JAY ONE bread."
You see, not all bread is the same and of the breads I have tried (tapalapa, jay one, delightful, lebanese, plain brown etc.) Jay one is definitely the best.
Fresh. Tasty. Soft inside. Hits the spot.
And only Le 500 (or 1000 for the big one if I'm really hungry).
That's only 17 US cents.
And the best place to buy it is near Cline Town.
Maybe that's because we pick up our vaccines there on a monthly basis and arrive there around 1pm when my stomach is grumbling.
I will definitely miss jay one bread.

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