Saturday, December 19, 2009

7 days and counting...

A week from today is the 8 kilometer (5 mile) Christmas run near Vlissingen, that I am planning to take part in as a sponsor run in order to raise money for charity: water.

My training run today was a 40-minute run at a steady pace. For me, steady means consistently slow, but never mind, at least I am managing to complete each of my runs. Today’s run was in Harderwijk, over the snow-covered sidewalks with a chilly temperature of -9 Celsius (or 15F). I was very happy to have my gloves with me this time. After about 15 minutes I had some cramps in my calves, which was likely due to running in the snow. I think I was using my muscles a bit differently during today’s run due to my extreme caution in not wanting to slip. My muscles will recover. I must say, although the actual running is not the easiest in the snow, it definitely was one of the prettiest runs so far. This upcoming week will consist of 4 more runs after which I hope I will be fully prepared for the run on the 26th of December. Ready or not, here I come! And of course, through this sponsor run, I am hoping to make a little bit of a difference in the water crisis.

Please consider partnering with me. It is 6 days until Christmas and 7 days until my run. Join me. Sponsor my run. Give up a few gifts. Give lots of clean water. To contribute please go to:

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