Thursday, December 10, 2009

Running 4 Water 4 Christmas...

I need your help. It's almost Christmas time. And unfortunately there are many people less fortunate than us. Help me make a difference...

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet do not have access to the most basic thing: safe, clean drinking water. That's one in eight of us. Can you imagine?

Millions of women and children in developing countries walk over three miles every day to collect water. Not only is this hard work and does this keep the children out of school, but sadly, often the only water they have is sitting stagnant in contaminated ponds and flowing through streams and rivers polluted by cows and human waste. It is not a surprise that water-borne disease is rampant, killing 4,500 children alone every single day. And causing millions of adults and children to spend weeks off work or school, impacting their economy and a chance for a better future.

The water crisis is BIG, but there are simple solutions; solutions that we can be a part of. It takes people, it takes a vision, it takes money, it takes an organization, it takes partners and it takes perseverance. I want to be a part of the solution.

What is my contribution to the solution? Well, it is almost Christmas. And as we remember the amazing gift God gave us by sending His Son, we enjoy giving each other gifts as well. Christmas is a time to give. And so this year I want to give to those who are really in need of a gift. I want to sacrifice (as little as it is) the gifts I would otherwise receive and money so that I can give the gift of water.

What does my campaign look like? Well, while the women and children are walking three miles to collect unclean water, I want to run 5 miles (8 km) for them on the 26th of December (sun, rain, hail or snow) as a sponsor run to raise $5,000 for one well for their community, through the organization charity: water. I only started running this past September, so I am not only aiming high with the amount of money but also with the length of the run. Many hours of training and a goal to run for will see me to the finish line.

How can you join in? Of course, I need your help. I am not asking you to give up Christmas gifts altogether. However, seeing as in America alone $450 billion is spent to celebrate this holiday I thought maybe, just maybe, people can tone down their spending on themselves a little and be willing to give more to those in desperate need. I am asking you to give to a greater cause. Give to those who do not have the basic necessity of water. Give life by giving water.


For my campaign go to:

Through charity: water, 100% of the money raised will go directly to the water project in a developing nation. And each project is "proved" using GPS technology and photos and placed on Google Earth, so we will be able to see the impact we have made through this campaign.

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Meulkids said...

man, that dirty bottle hits you right between the eyes. Hope lots of people join in helping you do this! Wish I could join you, but there is no way on earth I can even run 1 mile right now!! :)

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