Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Where am I...

I woke up a little startled this morning. Inside. Looking up at the ceiling. Peace and Quiet. Where am I? I was actually a little troubled that I was sleeping inside. But no need to worry. I am back in Texas. I do not need to be worried about an earthquake here. I am now in a place with many comforts. I enjoyed a welcome home package, a hot shower, clean clothes, a bed, quietness. Bliss. I definitely do not miss the rooster calls all through the night in Haiti. Or the dogs barking, people talking loudly in their tents, the ferocious generator noise, the mosquitoes buzzing, the sticky heat, the bucket shower, letting anything yellow mellow in the toilet, the layer of dirt on my belongings, etc. I do greatly miss the children as well as my remaining 4 team members. My prayer for them today is that they will see God move in a mighty way. That they will each be encouraged and feel loved. I pray for excellent wound care and successful physical therapy. I pray that children will be able to walk again. I pray for Rudy and Deve as they need care beyond the scope of care that places in Haiti can provide. Make a way for them God. I pray that God will continue to grow my love for Haiti. And that He will use me to tell the story of the wonderful Haitians I met there. They need our help. They need God's people to move in and minister. Thank you God for your faithfulness.

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Constantine said...

thank you.

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