Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Gift...

October 16, 2010.

It's 10 weeks until Christmas. For many people Christmas is a time to give. I know it's a little early, but this year, why not consider giving to the children of Sierra Leone - to those children who need your help to survive. Due to a shortage of oxygen concentrators in the Children's Hospital, children are having to share 5 liters of oxygen. Instead of 1 child receiving 5 Liters, it is split amongst 4 children. As you can see in the picture, the oxygen is split using tubing and connection pieces. Obviously this is not good enough and needs to change. I don't think parents in the 'west' would tolerate their child only receiving 1/4th of the oxygen needed to survive. Unfortunately the parents in Sierra Leone do not know any different. And the hospital is not able to bring about change in this issue in the near future. But I think that WE can make a difference. My goal is to raise £1800 by Christmas in order to purchase and transport 2 concentrators to the hospital in Freetown. Your donations will go directly towards this purchase. Please consider helping with this cause so that children in Sierra Leone will receive the care they desperately need. If you are interested please click on myjustgivingpage.

Thank you on behalf of the staff and patients at Ola During Children's Hospital.

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Hallo Sandra,

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Alvast bedankt.

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