Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Clock Tower...

The Clock Tower from Sandra on Vimeo.

The clock tower, situated at Eastern Police in Freetown is a landmark for many. It is located at the intersection of some of the busiest streets in Freetown: Sani Abacha Street, Goderich Street, Kissy Road and Fourah Bay Road. Many people passing from the West or Center of Town will go by way of the Clock Tower when heading East. A whirlwind of activity surrounds the tower with street vendors trying to sell anything from umbrellas to pieces of hot dog to towels to fruit to sunglasses. Meanwhile pedestrians passing by are trying to stay clear of moving vehicles and weave their way through the street vendors. And the taxis, poda podas and okadas are honking their way through the city at a very slow speed often causing much of the congestion in town. It really is a busy place.

When the clock strikes 6 the most amazing thing happens. Besides the Westminster chimes, the clock actually has the National Anthem stored on a flash memory card so that when the clock chimed 6 times, Sierra Leone's National Anthem is played boldly from the tower. At this moment in time, everyone freezes. Vendors stop selling, pedestrians stop walking, market ladies stop their chatter, vehicles all come to a halt. Even the unknowing white person is called to a halt. The whole world seems to be at a stand still as the anthem plays. I love seeing it every time. It is like a scene from a movie. Lots of hustle and bustle and then all of a sudden, the world freezes as the anthem plays. And as soon as the anthem is finished, the whole world is on the move again. It's my Hollywood experience right in downtown Freetown.

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