Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday was a bit of a different day.

A lot of my work did go on as usual- which is usually a bit chaotic anyway but there were some unusual and fun bits as well.
I said by to Zainab, a 22 month old weighing 4.2kg who amazingly reached the weight criteria for discharge and will now join the outpatient feeding program.
A photographer from Getty images came to take a portrait shot of me on the ward for a possible story.
Unfortunately there was no internet so I failed to get some important emails out until I realized matron's office still had internet (due to a direct cable).
I helped transfer a patient from ICU to the Feeding Center after providing them with a brand new oxygen concentrator and teaching the nurses how to use it.
Then the national power cut out and we switched to the back-up generator.
That's when we remember the feeding centre is not connected to the generator and so the patient on oxygen was transferred back to ICU/Emergency.
I went to the x-ray department to give the three workers there 'CV forms' to fill out because I need their information and they weren't quite sure how to write CVs.
I carried on with SLICH accounting issues and can't wait till that's over.
In the evening I went to the ship to meet up with one of the ship's writers about Namina's story.
I then had dinner with the communications/PR team and the Getty photographer.
After which I went down to the ward and spent time with Namina, her mom and brother.
Namina was full of smiles and we had fun together. She's recovering well.
I then met her 'neighbor' (in the bed next to hers) - Margaret, who is undergoing major surgery today.
On my way out, I saw the photographer and Dr Gary and after chatting for a bit we looked at his images from a hospital in South Sudan. It was interesting seeing the similarities and differences in healthcare facilities.
I finally left the ship at 8:55 pm and was home by 9:25 pm. No traffic - which is a nice change!

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