Sunday, March 20, 2011

Morning of visits...

A morning of visits to Hawa and Joshua. It was absolutely amazing to walk into Hawa's house and have her come up to me with a big smile and hug. She looks fabulous. I can't believe she is 11 now and that 5 years ago she came into my office as a 5 year old girl with a massive tumor growing out of her mouth. I have to say I had little hope that day I saw her. However, I referred her to the ship in Liberia, helped with transport and Dr Gary took over from there. Her surgery was successful and to this day she has not had any more problems. Incredible. It was a unique moment visiting her with Gary (who did the surgery) and Pierre (who supports her). Joshua is also doing well and seems to be enjoying life.

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(Photos: top left - Hawa, top right/bottom left - Hawa's new twin sisters, bottom right - Joshua to my left next to Hawa)

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