Wednesday, March 09, 2011

One of those days...

As you can see from my blog, the screening for the ship on Monday did not end well. And to be honest, I feel like it was one of those days. Screening ended in a tragedy. My journey home took 3 hours. There was no running water in the apartment. And then the electricity went out. At least I knew Tuesday couldn’t get much worse. As I reflected on my day later that evening I realized that still, despite the events of the day, I still have it so much better than so many others in this world. Terrible things happen everyday. Tragedies occur all over the world. Granted, this doesn’t mean that what happened on Monday morning wasn’t awful. It was. It was terrible. It was unexpected. It was shocking. But I was reminded of the people in the world who are going through situations much worse than I have ever experienced. Children starving to death, Christians being persecuted, families losing loved ones in war, people inflicted with incurable diseases. I’ll take this moment to think of the family of the man who died on Monday and to think about those people in the world who suffer day in and day out.

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Marianne said...

Thanks for reminding us of reality - at the same time I hope you will get your water and electricity back SOON again. Liefs mama

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