Wednesday, July 20, 2011

36 hours past...

The past 36 hours have been rather crazy. Yesterday I ran a lot of errands and made good use of my driver! I think he enjoyed a day’s worth of driving. I started at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation at 8 am to pick up some letters. I was hoping to deliver the letters, but most offices were still closed so I headed out. First stop, the Electricity House, to buy more credit for our NPA (national power authority) meter. Then I went to the bank to cash a check. After that I went to the Sierra Tel office to extend our Internet dongle services. And then I went to a shop in town to check on an order of plastic buckets with built in taps, which will go to the wards in the hospital. They weren’t ready yet.

The next 5 hours were spent at the hospital, doing what I usually do, which ends up being a bit of everything. At 3:30 pm I left the hospital and headed to a meeting. I have a wonderful meeting with one of the senior pediatricians in town. What a humble and gracious man. If only there were more people with such dedication. I then made the trek back to the Ministry and met up separately with the deputy chief nursing officer, the director of hospitals and the director of reproductive and child health. They were all brief but good meetings. Sometimes it’s just good to have a bit of an informal catch up! I then backtracked to Connaught Hospital to meet with a radiographer there concerning the radiography-training program that we are trying to get off the ground. The good news is that funding is nearby and the project might actually be underway in the next two months. Great!

After Connaught we drove to Aberdeen to check the times for the water taxi. I heard earlier in the day that BMI downsized their plane and not everyone can get on the flight today. So, it sounds like instead of the 7 pm water taxi I will have to take the 2 pm water taxi. The flight is not until 11 pm so that means a LONG wait in Lungi. Oh well. Right now, I just want to make sure I’m on the flight. From the water taxi I went to the Women’s Centre to pick up a power adapter for my Mac book. Yeah, means I can use my computer during the long journey to the USA! I reached home at about 630 pm, in time to head out again at 730 pm to meet good friends at Mamba Point. It was a fun yet slightly sad occasion as it was the last time that Mikey, Shona and I will be together in SL. They’re both leaving while I’m away. They’ll be missed.

After a great meal out I came home to do some packing, cleaning and finish up some work. By 130 am I thought it was time to get some sleep before being woken up by my alarm clock at 620 am. Wednesday was going to be another long day, marking the start of a probably 36-hour journey.

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