Friday, July 29, 2011

At the airport...

I'm at Denver airport, waiting to board a plane to Dallas. Yay for free wi-fi. After a three hour lay-over at DFW I'll be boarding another plane to London. Nine hours later I'll arrive at Heathrow and make my way to the underground. Three underground trains later I should be at Emily's house, where we'll be having the Welbodi Board meeting. I'm ready for a bit of work, and then excited about another week of holiday, in Holland.

My time in Colorado was great. It was fun to spend time with family. My niece and nephew are both adorable. I had a lot of cuddle time with Finley and lots of play time with Porter. Favorites were playing airplanes in the backyard (Porter's planes on the left, mine on the right), running away from the wormies that were trying to catch us, catching Porter, playing soccer, collecting bugs and racing cars. The trip to the zoo yesterday was a lot of fun too, as was our 'hike' to Boulder falls. As always, it was sad saying goodbye...I think the little kids make it harder for all of us! And the fact that none of us know exactly when we'll see each other again. In a month's time we'll be spread out over 4 countries again: Netherlands, USA, Haiti and Sierra Leone. I love what I do, but this is definitely one of those sacrifices that is difficult to make. Let's just say I'll focus on the time spent in Colorado and look forward to the week in Holland with more family.

See you on the other side of the pond...

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