Saturday, October 08, 2011

Internet & Water...

Here I am at Bliss. And, thankfully, internet is working. And it's fast. It's funny how easily we take things like internet for granted at home. Not having internet at home has been a bit of a challenge. To be honest, I've gotten used to it. But, having said that, it has meant that I have not kept in touch with family and friends much. And, it makes it hard (very expensive) to actually talk to people back home. I have to admit I have done poorly on the blogging front lately. I have so many things I could write about. Soon, soon. Hopefully at some point, we may have internet at home. We do have a usb dongle, which usually works for my colleagues, but it doesn't seem to like my mac. It tends to freeze my computer every time I try to use it. Sometimes it lets me use the internet for twenty minutes or so, but usually it cuts me off before that. All this to say, I am happy to finally have access to fast internet! And I may come here more often. The desserts are definitely a pull as well!

Speaking of taking things for granted. Even here in Sierra Leone I tend to take it for granted that I usually have water running from the tap. Since Thursday we have been out of water in the flat and so it's back to using water from 5 gallon containers. It's not great, but I just remind myself that that is what my neighbors water supply is like all the time. I really can't complain. However, it would be really nice if they can sort out the water at the flat. Apparently the pump to pump the water from the reservoir to the tanks on the roof is broken. The plumber has been twice already. Now that the rains are ended, we may have a water supply problem anyway. Due to road works the Guma pumps in Wilberforce have been locked since September. We're probably going to have to get water delivered every two weeks. We'll see and we'll manage for the time being. Hopefully it doesn't take two months to sort it out like it did last year at this time. Fingers crossed.

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