Friday, October 28, 2011

Namina's second surgery...

Last week Wednesday Namina, her mother and her older brother came to see me at the hospital. They arrived in Freetown as planned for Namina's admission on the Africa Mercy the following day. To my surprise, Namina showed up in her school uniform. She looked adorable. The family seems to be doing well and are coping with the loss of little Ibrahim. As hard as it is to have lost him, they are looking to the future.

A few weeks ago I received a call from Namina's brother saying she was sick: fever and vomiting. I arranged for her to be seen by a doctor (who I had never met) and she was diagnosed with malaria and admitted overnight. She tolerated the medication well and within a few days she had recovered. I was thankful that a friend connected me with the doctor and amazingly he treated her for free even though she is above the age of 5. I was also relieved that she got better quickly because I certainly did not want anymore drama for a family who had recently lost a child to malaria.

So now, 5 months after her first surgery onboard the Africa Mercy, the time had come for surgery number 2. The surgery took place on Friday (a week ago) and the plan was to put another skin graft under her left eye to ensure that her eye is not as exposed. A few other techniques were performed and I am happy to say that the surgery went well. I saw Namina last Sunday and she was as cheerful as ever and getting into trouble already. That's a good sign. I hope to see her again this Sunday and expect she'll be heading home by the end of the week. Back to Lungi and back to school. I'll go and visit them in their village again before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

So good to read that Namina is doing well, thank you for posting and enjoy your visit with her tomorrow. Have a great weekend. liefs M

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