Saturday, June 02, 2012

Great Saturday in Freetown...

Yesterday was a great day. I really like weekends here. The great thing about yesterday was that nothing was really planned in advance, but as the day continued, the plans unfolded.

First event: pancakesfor breakfast. Delicious. And a plus point was that the flour was weevil free. Always a bonus.

My flat-mate and I then headed down to Lumley in a taxi and went for a long walk on the beach. I have to say, living so close to the beach is great. Although Lumley beach is a city beach, it sure is beautiful and an amazing place for walks/runs. The sky was very blue, the breeze was cool and there was hardly anyone around. We soon ended up at the far end of the beach (Aberdeen side) and seeing as it was just after 12, we decided to have some lunch. Alex's restaurant it was. Strangely I had a bit of a meat craving and ordered the Trevor burger - burger, cheese, bacon, fried egg = delicious.

We then headed back home to gear up for the big football match. A world cup qualifier: Sierra Leone versus Cape Verde! There was a bit of confusion around the tickets, but we finally got open stand tickets for SLL 15,000. Originally we wanted covered stand seating, thinking it would be a safer way to go but in the end the open stand seats were fine and the atmosphere was great, except for a few brief minutes when supporters were throwing little plastic bags of drinking water onto the pitch. They spurred the police into action briefly, but nothing much came of it. Please note: the police at the stadium are geared up with masks and tear gas! They're not to be messed with. The first half was exciting to and SL scored 2 times. The second half was a bit dull, with neither side playing very well. During the game multiple vendors were walking around selling all sorts of snacks, usually an assortment of one or two things each. The overall selection included: crisps, biscuits (cookies), plantain chips, apples, boiled eggs, popcorn, meat on skewers, fried fish, pieces of chicken, mangoes, bananas, peanuts and drinks of course. The end of the game was anticlimactic - with Cape Verde somehow scoring a goal - it was odd because Cape Verde didn't have any fans in the stadium, so when the football rolled (fairly slowly) into the goal post no one cheered and no one really knew what happened. But sure enough 2-1. Results remain good for Sierra Leone. It's a win!

After the game I left with a friend Gibrill and headed along Wilkinson Road to pick up his wife. The three of us then headed to Montana's on the beach for ice-cream. Yum! And, even though it was after 8, we went for a short walk down the beach. Loved it! We then headed towards my place (only about 20 min away) but got stuck in some 'masterpiece' traffic near Lumley. After a little over an hour due to traffic and a breakdown (!), we arrived at my place. We chatted for a bit and then they headed home and I headed to bed.

All that's left to say is that it was an excellent Saturday!!!

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