Thursday, June 01, 2006

drifting and dolphins...

As of 5pm last night until 830 am this morning the Anastasis was drifting in the Atlantic Ocean. We are waiting to bunker- however one ship was ahead of us and needed 3000+ tons of fuel! So we had to wait. There's a great sense of freedom in simply floating around! We just started the engines again and as I am writing the bunker barge is coming along side of us.

I saw more dolphins yesterday...on Tues there were just a few of them but right by the bow. Yesterday there were at least 100 of them...but off in a distance. It was still fun to see them jumping and doing belly flops! I did my best to get them on camera. (you might have to look very closely at some of the pictures).

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Anonymous said...


So good to see the pictures and do a lot of remembering all the good times onboard.

Bing Henderson

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