Friday, June 02, 2006

stars, dolphins & the sun rise...

Last night we had the most amazing time on the bow watching the stars once again. Since it was the last night of the sail there were quite a few people up there. I’m not much of an astronomer so fortunately someone could show me what’s what. We saw the Southern Cross, Big dipper, Scorpion, Jupiter…and some other random things (that I’ve forgotten the names of)!

The coolest thing was that while we were lying down on hatch 1, staring at the sky, we heard people on the bow cheering. Curious to know what was going on, we got up and quickly walked up to the bow. To my surprise we were able to see dolphins swimming alongside the bow of the ship! It was amazing to see them so well at night. The dolphins stayed with us for awhile and then one by one broke away and swam off into the night.

Just after midnight I headed to bed…to wake up only 5 ½ hours later…to watch the sun rise. What a way to start the day!

PS: we're drifting once again...we are 1 1/2 hour sail from Tema...however, there is still a ship docked at our berth...and they're not leaving till 6pm tonight...the sail continues...

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What a blessing the photos and comments have been. Thanks so much!

Dr Bing Henderson

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