Sunday, June 25, 2006

Holland don don...

Well, as of tonight the World Cup is officially over for Holland. It’s don don. Too bad they didn’t make it past the second round. I must say it was quite the match tonight, however I don’t think we can be proud of holding the World Cup record of the most bookings!

Watching the games in Freetown has been interesting. And it’s been fun having something new to do! I’m not usually a football fan year round, but when it comes to the European or World Cup- I’m there.

I think the number of satellite dishes in Freetown probably doubled, if not tripled, at the start of the World Cup. Everywhere you go, you see chalkboards with game times and fees written on them. We often watch at Mamba Point restaurant, 10 min walk or 3 min drive away. It has comfortable seats, a big screen, many expats, good food etc. It’s a pretty nice getaway. We’ve watched one or two games in another restaurant. But by far the best place to watch a game is just outside our gate…

You step outside of our gate, walk about 10 yards up the road, walk across a wooden plank, past the small generator and towards the canvassed tent with a lit light bulb over the entrance way. Actually from our compound you can already hear the excitement of the football match. At the entrance a fee of 500 Leones (equivalent of 15 US cents) is paid and the entertainment begins. I have been there three times now. Twice with a female colleague (escorted to the tent by one of our security guards), once with two white guys. After being shown to an empty spot on one of the wooden benches, we’re ready for the game.

It’s a unique experience…wooden benches, a tent made of wooden poles and canvas over the top, two tv’s at one end, great sound, 40-50 local guys, temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, the 'aroma' of sweat and of course no other women. The best is that the local guys really get into the games. It’s almost more entertaining to watch them cheer their favorite team on, get annoyed with the refs, dance when goals are scored etc. than it is to watch the game! It’s definitely the liveliest place to watch football.

Anyway, now that Holland is out of the Cup, I’ll have to find another team to support!


Ellen said...

Well, what do you think of supporting Australia tonight??

:) Ellen

Ellen said...

Maybe Spain then???... xxEllen :)

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