Thursday, October 11, 2007

Best buy in Freetown...

When I'm in Europe or the USA people often ask what I miss most; often referring to food. To be honest there's not a whole lot I miss. We have a great cook at the team house and lots of fresh fruit (pineapple, mango, papaya, etc). I probably eat better dinners here than I would if I was back home. And we have dessert night once a week!

So, what do I miss? Well, those that know me well, will know that the one thing I look forward to the most (food/beverage wise that is) when going 'home' is MILK!!! Powdered milk just doesn't do it for me; it's fine in cereal, or tea, but it's not something I'd want a tall glass of.

BUT- I found an excellent alternative- it seriously is the best product I've found yet in Freetown - and they have it at 'Freetown Supermarket' (my favorite grocery store). It costs 3500 Leones which is $1.17 for 500 ml. I love every drop of it! What am I talking about??? CHOCOLATE MILK. Need I say more?

Tomorrow is Friday...which means doing some shopping for the weekend- I usually buy juice, chips and 3 or 4 chocolate milks for my supply :)

PS: The second best buy is definitely Cadbury's Milk Chocolate with MINT chips- unfortunately they hardly have it in the stores...which makes it a real treat when they do have it I guess.

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