Monday, October 01, 2007

The perfect Sunday in Salone...

It was a usual Sunday morning;
Wake up, eat breakfast, go to church.
But today, a group of us from church planned a beach trip.
So, after the service we talked and made plans.
We arranged to meet at our house as soon as possible,
So that we could leave sooner rather than later.
We knew it’d be a long drive out there,
And wanted to have plenty of time at the beach.

Well, this is Africa, so it definitely ended up taking longer.
First of all we noticed our tire was flat.
So we had to stop at the gas station to get ‘breeze’ (air).
Once back at the house we ended up changing the tire.
The guys also took a long time to get to our house.
They had there own reasons of course.
All legitimate, I think.
A number of text messages and phone calls later, they arrived.

So, at 2 pm, 6 men & 5 women climbed into the Land Cruiser.
Off we went.
The road was exceptionally good (relatively speaking);
Some work had been done (because the new president lives there?).
Having a local driver with us definitely sped up the trip too.
Not that he was driving too fast;
But he certainly knew the vehicle and how to maneuver potholes!
We got to No. 2 River beach in record time; just over an hour.

The beach was amazing; it again looked different.
The river was narrow, there were many rocks and a large shallow pool.
The company was fun;
More men than women for a change,
And even the Mercy Shippers were outnumbered this time.
We sat, talked, read, swam, listened to music, ran, etc.
We enjoyed ‘ultimate cookies’ and other snacks.
Most of all I enjoyed swimming in the ocean while watching the sun set.

Shortly after the sun slipped under the horizon,
We packed up and climbed into the Land Cruiser.
It was the beginning of the end to a perfect day.
We drove back in the dark, tired but content;
Talking about travel, music, Disneyland, and other random topics.
Once at the house we got vehicles sorted,
And soon everyone was off to their own homes.
It was the end to an amazing day.

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