Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 snakes in 48 hours...

Yikes! On Monday I found out that one of our guards killed a snake in our garden; with a broom! Even worse- later I heard it was actually spotted in the bathroom in the gazebo area. Boy, am I glad I never use that bathroom. I hate snakes. That is probably because I have no clue, by looking at a snake, if it’s a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ snake. In my eyes, all snakes are BAD ones. I hate snakes.

Yesterday on our way home from work one of my colleagues said there was another snake on the compound. I thought it was a joke. Nope. Unfortunately there was another snake at the team house and this time it escaped! Sick. It was first seen along the top of our wall, it then fell off of the wall, into the compound but made its way out, under the gate, into the gutter. One of my colleagues took a picture of it, which I saw tonight. A LONG THIN GREEN SNAKE.

So, the question is: what type of snake was it? And is it dangerous or not? One guard says the green snakes are the good snakes and it’s the black snakes that are dangerous. The other guard says it’s the green ones that are dangerous. Well, I’ll stick to my own idea: ALL SNAKES ARE BAD.

Sweet dreams!


MEULKIDS said...

yuck...but you've got to agree with me on one thing: rats are worse!! Better snakes than rats!
(or not??) I guess the thing with rats is: REALLY all rats are bad! With snakes at least there's a debate :)
I'm pretty sure I'll sleep all right here in my snakeless house, though I still watch my step when walking into the living room ever since I saw a mouse peeping out from under our cabinet last year!! So good luck with the snakes, and if you need a snakefree environment some time, just call, and I'll let you sleep with the mouse :)
love you

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