Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sierra Leonean bath...

I know I’ve blogged about bucket baths before but this picture was just too cute to pass up. This little guy’s mom is admitted at our fistula center for surgery. When his mom first arrived I had to make sure this little guy (6 months) was alright health wise. Fortunately he was and he’s been a joy to have around. Often towards the end of the work day, when I’m still waiting for the last lab results, I’ll sneak onto the ward to find him and take him for a little stroll. Or I'll carry him around as I lock up the clinic, put the open medication back in the fridge, etc. Today I helped his mom give him a bath. I have to be honest and say that I think I had more fun than he did this time. I do think this is mainly because he was really hungry and knew he was going to get his porridge after the bath. We had more fun later, after he ate! It's amazing how food can change one's mood...even at such a young age.


genae said...

looks like fun... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey San
Was great to take this picture and see you having fun!

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