Saturday, January 05, 2008

River's Edge Christmas play...

The children’s Christmas play on the 23rd was spectacular; they did an amazing job. The reciting, singing, acting etc. was perfect. I was so proud of them.

Before the play however, we first we had a regular church service, which meant Sunday school for us. After going through a few of the songs we decided to color. And while the children colored, they were crowned. Finally, it was time for the Christmas play and this is how it began...

“Once upon a time, a long time ago, begins the story of a baby that most of you should know. His daddy’s name was Joseph and Mary was his mom. This babe was very special He was God’s only Son.”

It ended with the cast surrounding Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. And everyone singing “O come all ye faithful”. And of course a big applause for the children as they finished. They were stars!

And I'd have to say my fourth wise man stole the show. At least, in my eyes he did. But he's stolen my heart anyway... He didn't want to wear a costume but he was brave enough to walk to the front, with gift in hand.

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