Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dislike for snakes AND spiders...

Okay, I've blogged about snakes and my GREAT dislike for them,
Now let's talk about spiders.
Up until this morning I never thought I minded them so much.
A friend of mine was saying she can't stand spiders,
I thought, oh come on, they're not that bad.
That was until this morning,
When I saw a HUGE spider within a meter of my pillow.
Fortunately I had just gotten out of bed.
But had that spider been there all night?
The thought made me shiver.
After spraying half a can of insect repellant on the spider,
it fell onto my bed!
My first reaction was to grab a shoe and hit the spider.
As I watched it shrivel up and die,
I had to admit I dislike snakes AND spiders.

PS: I don't think these pictures do the spider justice.

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