Thursday, February 07, 2008

Makeni to Kabala...

After a simple breakfast on the porch we headed off once again. North bound to Kabala. Along the single lane “Kabala Highway” :) Soon after leaving Makeni we stopped to admire the “Camelback Hill” and chat with some of the farmers heading out to work.

We arrived in Kabala at around noon. While trying to find the house of a friend of mine who works up in Kabala we ended up seeing a little more of the town than we expected. I guess some would say we got lost, I think it was just somewhat of a detour. And in the end it was just fate, because just as we were going to turn around we saw the sign for a guesthouse. We needed to find a place to stay anyway, so checked it out. It was perfect. There were little suites with two bedrooms per block and a living room which joined them together. Each room had its own bathroom, mind you there was no running water in my tap and no shower, but once again the bucket sufficed. And there was 5 hours of electricity a night; mind you, my room was right next to the generator room, so by the time midnight came around I was happy for the generator to be switched off! All in all though, it was a bargainfor $10 a night.

After getting ourselves organized we climbed into the land cruiser once again and this time managed to find my friend’s house (after asking a couple of people for directions!). After a short visit we ventured out and explored the market; chatting with the locals and hearing bunches of kids yell out “snap me” and then getting all excited as we once again took a picture of them. That night it was dinner in one of the small local restaurants; cous cous and vegetables. Bed called early that night, as we were off for a hike the next morning.

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