Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Someone's taken my pig again...

I’m not alone at my desk.
Let me introduce you to my desk companions.
Piglet. Camel. Rhino.
Of course, children here have never seen camels.
They have never seen rhinos.
They don’t know Winnie the Pooh or Piglet for that matter.
So, it’s fun at times to ask the children what they are.
Piglet is always ‘BABY’ (stuffed animals are also called baby)
Camel is either ‘DOG’, ‘GOAT’ or ‘COW’.
Rhino is usually a ‘BUSH HOG’.

Today was a bit over the top as piglet went missing 3 times.
I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention.
On various occasions you could hear me saying to a nurse:
“I think someone took my pig again.”
“Can you find my pig for me, please?”
“I think the pig is at the lab?”
And sure enough, a child will have run off with it.
Fortunately my nurses are great at rescuing piglet.
He’s back on my desk; safe and sound.
At least until the next child picks him up...

(This one was for you Luzanne)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant little storie - I love it!

Marianne said...

Hey maybe you should invest in 6000 pigs and there could be a little pig farm in the greater Freetown area :)

genae said...

you're the best. i love your stories - i just wish that i could be there to be a part of them, instead of reading about them.

Luzanne said...

O, I do miss the "Babies" - hope your still keeping an eye on the bear too

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