Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Clinic went well today...up until my last 3 patients.
Then things became a bit discouraging.
I felt hopeless.
3 of my patients came for follow-up and were worse.
And unfortunately their conditions are difficult if not impossible to treat here.
A 5 year old with a nasalmaxillary tumor, now with multiple large lymphnodes.
A 3 year old with previous retinoblastoma needing removal of his right eye and now has large swellings over his forehead and scalp that are likely metastases.
A 3 year old with possible tuberculosis and major complications (hemiplegia) due to a prolonged convulsion this weekend and family not taking him to the hospital due to traditional beliefs.
So many problems, so little I can do.
I can only hope and pray that somehow I find ways to help these kids.
But right now the situation seems hopeless...

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