Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update on Deborah...

On the 19th of October I wrote about patients I referred that week to the Children’s Hospital. Fortunately most of the patients recovered. At the time however, I mentioned that I was worried about 5 month old Deborah with a chest infection that was just not improving. She had received 3 days of iv antibiotics already since being admitted on the 14th but still had a high fever and respiratory rate. She had not been seen by the doctor in two days. When I left the ward that day I asked a nurse if she could make sure a doctor saw the child. The nurse wasn’t too convincing; I could only hope.

Well, on the 31st of October on my Friday visit to Children’s hospital I was very surprised when I walked into the therapeutic feeding center to see Deborah lying on one of the beds. Her mom was quick to get up and greet me. Unfortunately, now almost 2 weeks after admission, she was still having a fever and breathing fast. But at least she had been transferred to the feeding center and was receiving nutritious food. The doctor requested a chest x-ray a few days earlier but it had not been done yet because the mother lacked the money. I gave her the necessary funds to get it done but seeing as it was Friday afternoon she would have to wait till Monday. Hang in there Deborah.

This past Friday, the 7th of October, I again went to Children’s. I met up with Deborah and her mom in the feeding center once again. The chest x-ray had been done and the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis had been made. Thankfully she had been started on anti-tuberculosis treatment already and guess what? Deborah no longer had a fever when I saw her and was looking better already. Although she is still admitted, she’s on the mend. As long as mom continues giving her the treatment for the next 6 months, I think she has an excellent chance of full recovery!

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Gabriela said...

Good for Deborah! I guess we'll be all expecting those good news in six more months.
Good for you too!

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