Sunday, November 09, 2008


This event took place in October of this year. After hearing that a snake had been spotted at the team house, some of our maintenance guys geared up and prepared themselves for the snake hunt. Long sticks, coveralls, goggles. They were ready.

After fixing the machete to the end of a long pole, making sure the camera man was ready, the kill began. I actually wasn't there but heard from a friend that the guys were pretty nervous. I don't blame them. How do you go about killing a snake? Well, a long pole with a machete at the end did seem to do the trick. And before long one of the guys moved closer to see if it was a done deal.
He then held up his prized possession, for the others to see. Seeing as I was busy saving childrens lives in the clinic, I missed all of the excitement at the team house. However, just a few hours later, one of my consultations was interrupted by one of our local staff saying, "Doctor, you need to go to the gate. There is a snake there." To which I questioned whether or not it was alive or dead, and upon hearing it was already dead, said it could wait." Of course, after finishing my consultation I made my way out to steal a glance at our kill.

To this day the question remains: what kind of snake was it? and was it poisonous?


Gabriela García Calderón said...

Fortunately, this snake didn't harm anyone. Even though it may have been a non poisonous one, I'm sure just finding a snake in your way can have some effects.
Have a nice week.

Verity Furneaux said...

Nicely written..but you failed to mention it was above your very good friends bedroom and how you were so glad it was captured so she could sleep peacefully again at night!!
Oh and the fact that 2 skins sheds were also found so it had been up there a VERY long time!!!
Still, that one is gone now, lets keep an sneeky eye out for any more!!

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