Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US elections in SL...

Often I feel detached from the outside world. Take the US elections for example. It wasn't until I was driving home from work today that I heard a little bit about it on BBC World News. And of course my local staff was discussing their political views wrt Obama and McCain. I've missed the whole campaigning and work up towards today- maybe I should be thankful. I'm not much of a political person anyway. But still, I am intrigued. Elections are interesting. I suppose with the Sierra Leone elections last year we were more worried with respect to violence, corruption etc. Thank God all went well. I actually don't have much more to say except to post a piece that was emailed to me today - Sierra Leonean thoughts on the US elections. FYI: Bo is the second largest city in Sierra Leone, Makeni is a city about 3-4 hours drive from here. Enjoy...

"By Tia Miyaama (Political Correspondent)

It has been reported that the people of Bo Town are preparing to celebrate the victory of Barrack Obama, should the Illinois senator capture the White House on November 4th. The reason, the Paramount Chief announced, is that Barrack Obama's initials, B.O. represent their town and what they stood for. Bo (BO), the report continues, will fly the CHANGE flag all weekend and replace the green and orange flags with BLUE to represent the Blue States that voted for the African-American senator.

Meanwhile, it is reported the the people of McCaine-ni (Makeni) are planning a riot should their own candidate lose the US election."

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Thanks for sharing this stroy with us. I loved it!

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