Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas prep...

Today was in the spirit of Christmas. First - off to town for some shopping. Actually, a couple of people were going to buy shoes since they were stolen this past week. I tagged along for the ride and picked up a few things for Christmas along the way. Town was busy as usual. The difference now is that besides the usual vendors all along the street; you now have people walking around with 2 or 3 Christmas trees in their hands, for sale. And there are stalls with the most interesting collection of Christmas goods on sale. Lots and lots of tinsel- multi colored and random assortments of lights etc.

When we got home I decided I better sort out my gifts for our expat team. Got that done and gifts wrapped and it looks like Christmas in my room. More so because I have wrapping paper and gift bags scattered all over the place. This is one of the things I like about Christmas- wrapping up gifts for others. Once done, it was then time for some preparation for tomorrow. Followed by a Christmas movie. And followed by wrapping gifts for my local staff, Joshua and his foster family and an amputee football player and his kids. Fun fun fun.

Tomorrow will be busy. Christmas program at church with the Sunday school kids reading out scripture and singing. Prep before hand (during sermon) will be rehearsing, making crowns, and putting on angel outfits. After church Vez and I are going to one of the orphanages she works at (where she does physio). We went there last year to celebrate Christmas with them and will do the same tomorrow. Since they don't have a tree I came up with a brilliant but some what time-consuming idea. Make a tree out of green & brown construction paper and hang it on their wall. The kids can then decorate (pre-cut) ornaments, and stick them to the tree. So, by tomorrow evening, the orphanage will have a decorated Christmas tree. We hope to go through the Christmas story with them, watch a short video and enjoy snacks.

After all of that it'll be Monday before I know it. Last clinic day of the year. Followed by a Tuesday of reviews, statistics, and outpatient clinic Christmas get-together. And then it's time for some rest...after finishing off a few work things on the 24th...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sandra,

You don't know me but I have been reading your blog lately. Actually, I am from Salone, but am finishing my medical training in the States. I am also a believer, so have been enjoying seeing how God is using you. I will be traveling to Salone in the spring to do some medical missions work and wanted to learn more about what you are doing. Please send me an email at when you get a chance.

Beryl G

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~