Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday School Christmas...

Like last year, we spent some time on the Sundays leading up to Christmas, rehearsing our contribution to the Christmas service. Last year we did a play of the nativity story combined with songs. This year we wanted to do it a bit differently. So instead of a play we decided to quote Bible verses mixed with carols, to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. The older kids all memorized 1-2 verses each- from Isaiah and Luke - and learned the carols. The little children, aged 2-5 years learned a song of their own, to the tune of a Krio song. After getting the 55 children seated on the benches at the front of the church, they were ready to begin. They did an excellent job once again. And even most of the little ones joined in on their own song. After the children's program the men's, women's and youth groups did their contributions- none of which were very much related to Christmas. But it was entertaining.

The song the little children sang was singing out what the angels sang in Luke:
"Hear the angels sing, Glory to our God, Peace upon the earth, Favor to all Man"
"Halelujah, Jesus Christ is born"

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Ohme said...

There is nothing like the voices of children singing. I recently made a Squidoo lens of my favorite Sunday School Songs. You can link to it by clicking my name, Ohme.

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