Monday, December 15, 2008

We've been thieved...

At 6:15 am today I was woken up by the sound of one of our guards wailing.
My first thought was that one of his family members died.
However, I soon learned that he was crying for fear of losing his job.
We had been thieved and the theft happened during his watch.

Background info:
We have two guards on duty at our compound every night.
We use an official security company for this.
To be honest- it sometimes seems like a bit of a joke.
It seems like we’re often faced with either sleeping guards or stealing guards.

The crime:
So, supposedly at 5 am this guard checked the water level of our water tanks, as usual.
Then about 30 min later his colleague came to him saying there was a problem.
All of the chairs were missing in our gazebo!
And we’re talking about 30 plastic chairs.
Unfortunately some of my colleagues had their trainers and tevas etc outside of their rooms.
Later we realized that these had also been stolen.

The crime scene:
Our own ladder was found leaning against the wall in the corner of the compound.
The glass along the top of the wall had been removed, yet the razor wire was still in place.
Strangely enough- none of us expatriate staff woke up- which means a well-planned, thorough job.
It means I was fast asleep as noise in the gazebo always wakes me- esp. on weekends when I can sleep in!
But weird that our surgeon was in the living room (with view of gazebo) around 5 am.
So, something does not quite make sense here.
What I do know is that we were left with a CHAIRLESS gazebo.

Honestly, there is no point in speculating because we will never get to the bottom of this.
Things here just tend to disappear and no one ever knows who really did it.
I guess Christmas is near; people are looking for a little extra.
Maybe it was an outside job. Maybe it was an inside job.
If people on the inside were involved, then I am again saddened that we cannot trust people working for us.

Bottom line:
Praise God no one was hurt!

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