Monday, January 19, 2009

Endure AND enjoy...

Monday. Often a crazy day. And this time I was alone. No more doctors working alongside me. My colleague left on Friday. It’s been a good year and a half since I was alone in the clinic so needless to say, it’s an adjustment. I was a little nervous about today and worried I’d be really stressed. BUT surprisingly enough, I had a GREAT day. The day couldn’t have gone much better – except for maybe two things - stopping for lunch and realizing a little earlier than 2pm that I hadn’t even made a cup of tea yet. Otherwise things ran smoothly and I had a great time with some of the patients and parents.

Of course I had limited the patients to 35, with an extra patient and some reviews, making a total of 40 patients in the end. Knowing that I would have time to see them all, I actually took my time. I took more time to talk to very concerned mothers, time to tickle smiling 4 year old boys, time to talk to a family with a malnourished child about nutrition, time to pray with a child with a large mass etc. But I also made my staff run around a bit more than usual with lab forms and stuff.

My initial thought this past weekend was: “I’m going on holiday in 3 weeks so all I have to do is survive until that time. I can do it. 3 weeks on my own and then have a holiday to look forward to.” But, you know what, God not only wants us to work but wants us to work well and enjoy. I spent some time praying with a friend last night, which we usually do on Sundays, and we talked about how I should not only endure, but also enjoy. So, last night and this morning that’s what was prayed; that I would not only survive and endure, but also enjoy. Enjoy work, Enjoy the children, Enjoy my staff. ENJOY. And that is what I did. Of course, the day had its challenges, some very sick kids, some children that will be difficult to help, but I smiled many times throughout the day and have a great feeling about today. Lord – help me to continue to endure AND enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear San
So glad yo ENJOYED today. That has been my prayer for you. Wish I was there to make you some tea though.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~