Saturday, January 17, 2009

Webcamming Porter...

Introducing Porter adorable little nephew. (6 weeks 2 days old now)

Hearing that my brother and his wife were expecting was exciting.
Finding out on my birthday that they were having a boy was lots of fun.
But the actual news of Porter’s arrival was the best of all.
It was Thursday, December 4th.
I was seeing patients in the clinic at 2pm when I got an international call.
My brother called to let me know that the water broke!
The baby’s arrival would be soon.
That evening, I was at the heliport saying goodbye to my mom.
We received a call from my dad saying that my brother was trying to call.
My brother couldn’t get through with skype.
We called him and sure enough, he was a daddy!
An hour and 20 minutes earlier Porter Alexander had been born.
And what a sweet surprise that his middle name was chosen with me in mind!
(Sandra coming from Alexandra)
After seeing my mom off at the heliport I headed home.
I had told my brother I would call him again when I got home.
So, 2 hours later (110am my time!) we were talking.
He was CO in the hospital room – with internet access – and me in Africa.
And amazingly enough I was able to see Porter for the first time.
He was only 3 ½ hours old.
Skype and Webcam – amazing technology!
Since then I have been able to see Porter a couple of times which has been great.
Last night I called again and talked to my sister-in-law for awhile.
Great to talk and also fun to see Porter again.
This time I was trying to get him to smile.
He made some of the goofiest faces and I tried to capture them on camera!
I love this little guy already and can’t wait to meet him in person in 5 weeks.

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